Dimensions of Allergan 68-360 at Max Fill?

What is the Diameter of the Allergan 68-360 and projection at max fill? At minimum it says diameter 12.7 and Projection 4.2. Thanks. Just trying to figure out the difference between the Allergan and Mentor.

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Dimensions of Allergan 68-360 at Max Fill?

You are correct there are no written dimensions and so it is really an estimate. LP decrease by 2mm at max fill whereas HP decrease by 6mm at max fill therefeore you would guess that the MP would decrease by 3-5mm and Myeducated guess would therefore be 12.3 cm

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Allergan vs. Mentor

To me, the two companies are like Coke vs. Pepsi.  They really provide very similar products.  It is all about personal comfort as a physician as to which company they like to work with.

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