Choosing Between Two Surgeons

Im planning to get lipo on my chest and flanks sometime in mid December. I visited a total of 5 plastic surgeons I narrowed down my choices to two highly qualified surgeons based on anesthetic method, for some reason most of the surgeons I consulted with only use general anesthesia, these two surgeons use twilight both surgeons have been practicing in the field before I was born 1984. There prices differ considerably one wants $3800 the other wants $5400. Both perform procedures in office.

Heres where the issue is, surgeon $3800 his OR is not accredited by anyone as far as I can tell he is licensed in the state of Florida but no facility accreditation. The other doctor’ $5400 facility is accredited by the AAAASF. Both facilities look the same. The issue with this is doctor $3800 wants to use a smart lipo/ vaser and doctor $5400 want to use tumescent lipo, for some reason I think doctor $3800 approach will result in the best. What should I do? Chest/ flank lipo

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Several factors don't seem right with either doc you are looking at.

Be sure the facility is accredited. That is very important.  The $3800 is way to cheap for smart or vaser lipo or any other technique for that matter for the areas you are to get liposuctioned.  Be sure the doc is not doing it so cheap as to gain experience on you or letting one of his fellows in training do the procedure.  Don't go where they are still doing lipo under the old method of  general anesthesia. He technique may be out dated as well.   A little sedation is still fine though.  Consider further consultations.  Good Luck,

David Hansen,MD

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Choice Between Two Surgeons

A couple of points:

1.  I would recommend using a facility that is AAAASF certified.

2.  The method of liposuction is far less important than the skill of the plastic surgeon performing the procedure.

3. Select a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. ES

Choosing a surgeon

Always go with the surgeon who has a fully accredited facility unless you have it done at a hospital. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Accreditation means something

accreditation means that surgeon went to a lot of trouble to be sure his OR  measures up to some pretty strict standards...and the other guy might be cutting corners. who do you want to operate on you???

      a good surgeon will get good results with either method...and a bad one won't. it's not the machine one uses, it's the skill of the operator.  sometimes you get what you pay for........

Bruce K. Barach, MD
Schenectady Plastic Surgeon
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Choosing between two surgeons.

Hello! Thank you for your question.  Cost will vary among plastic surgeons as well as with geographic location and what procedures exactly they will be providing to you.  Certainly, researching a board certified plastic surgeon well-versed in the procedure(s) you desire is recommended - checking the American Board of Plastic Surgery is a great start. Consult with two or more surgeons who you are happy with their postoperative photographs and those who you, most importantly, feel comfortable and confident with. Use the opportunity to ask questions as well as visit with staff and investigate the accredited facilities they work out of.  I believe fellowship-training, beyond the core plastic surgery residency to be important, as that surgeon has gone above and beyond to seek additional training specific to that area of interest and chosen to gain additional expertise in that area.    

Experience should not be measured solely by the age of the surgeon or how many years s/he has been in practice.  Checking the education and training is more valuable - a Board Certified MD plastic surgeon who was accepted to and completed an integrated plastic surgery residency, in today's day and age, are excellent choices. Those are the top students who have superior training at top institutes.  Plastic Surgery is NOT a is a residency. Those surgeons who have actually successfully completed additional fellowship training beyond the plastic surgery residency are also passionate about that area and will likely have the most recent, innovative, and up to date techniques. These are usually the younger surgeons, who are still readily willing and competent to continue to strive for the newest material and remain up to date on literature and conferences. 

You must decide for yourself who you are most comfortable with and confident with who will meet your goals and expectations. Cost may differ just on expertise and the aforementioned additional training ad what that additional expertise training has afforded to his/her patients.  Hope that this helps!  Best wishes!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Outpatient facility certification is important

In my opinion you are absolutely right to desire conscious sedation without general anesthesia for liposuction.

Regarding certification, I would look a little further into the reasons why one does not practice in a certified operating room.  There are requirements that all ASPS member surgeons practice in certified operating rooms.  Is he a board certified plastic surgeon?

Certification is important.  It does not guarantee a good outcome but it does guarantee specific safety standards are upheld.

York Jay Yates, MD
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon
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Chossing between two surgeons.

The fully accredited OR is an indication that the surgeon is willing to open up his/her facility to outside scrutiny. This is a sign that the surgeon is confident in the delivery and quality of care

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Choosing a surgeon

Many times we get caught up in the ongoing battle for which technology is the best.the best technology is what technology does your surgeon use to get the best results.That is more important then anything.Excellent results can be had by both techniques,the real question is which surgeon utilizes that technology to get superior results.I think having an accredited facility is important and that should weigh in your decision.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Board certification in Plastic Surgery and an accredited facility with a plastic surgeon you trust and feel comfortable with are the most important factors.  This may be slightly more expensive but will minimize risk (Yes, there is risk, even in a liposuction procedure) and  help ensure that the procedure will go smoothly. 

Stephen Delia, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Surgeon Preference

Wow...the threads posted here from my colleagues are RIGHT ON!  Peter A. Aldea, MD and Stephen Prendiville MD have hit the nail square on the head. Safety is paramount...ask these two surgeons 1) Are you Board Certified, 2) What are you Board Certified in? 

Surgery Center certification is a MUST...if the center doesn't have it, ask WHY.

Good luck and be safe!

Dr. C

John Philip Connors III, MD, FACS
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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