Digital Pressure Post Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I had a septorhinoplasty 3 weeks ago. My dorsal hump has gone but I still have nasal bone deviation to the left leaving my nose crooked. My surgeon suggests digital pressure exercises on the nasal bone itself. When I do them my nose straightens until I let go. Is 3 weeks too late to start doing this? Have my bones set already? How often should I perform them?My nose is healing well and these exercises aren't eliciting any pain as I was told they should. Does this mean I'm too late? Thanks

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It takes 6 weeks for bones to heal completely

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It is fairly well known that new callous formation in bone is mostly complete (at least initially) by about six to eight weeks from the time of injury (in this case, intra-operative nasal bone fracture). If you are pushing on the nasal bone and it moves, but then springs right back up into the old position, then most likely your surgeon performed a greenstick, or incomplete, type of fracture.Unless the fracture is complete, the bone segment likely will not move into the desired location. It sounds like you may need to have that particular bone refractured, but I do not suggest trying to do it yourself.

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Digital pressure on nasal bones?

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I doubt digital pressure will help unless of course you push so hard that the bone fractures( Of course I would not recommend that!). It sounds like you may need a revision when things settle down.

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Benefit of digital pressure three weeks post-rhinoplasty?

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Three weeks is a bit late to begin applying digital pressure, as most of the callus has formed and the bones may be permanently aligned. But, it is probably worth doing the exercise, nonetheless.

Good luck!

Digital Pressure Exercises on Nasal Bone at 3 Weeks after Rhinoplasty

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  If the nasal bones are crooked, they should be realigned in the OR.  I am not sure if the bones can be readjusted at 3 weeks by digital pressure.  The bones are usually solid at that point.

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