"Digital" Eyelid Massage for Overcorrection - Is It Safe?

After ptosis repair, is it recommended NOT to massage the eyelid, because some say that is can "re-stretch" the levator and weaken the sutures that attach the levator to the tarsus plate? When is it safe to "touch" or "rub" the eyelid in this case, to prevent this from happening, in case I accidently rub my eye? Is this a problem about 4-5 months from surgery? If I still have a very minor ptosis (1mm each eye) it is safe to massage my eyelid? Or could I potentially "restretch" the levator?

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Touching Your Eyelid Following Ptosis Surgery

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If you are about 4-5 months out from eyelid ptosis surgery, you are probably fine in terms of accidentally rubbing the eyelid. Of course, manipulation of the eyelids within the first few months after surgery can adversely affect the outcome by what you described - inadvertent release of the levator shortening procedure. But at this point in your healing process, you are much less likely to cause any problem. Happy healing.

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