Is There Anything Diffrent the Needs to Be Done when Performing a Lip Lift on a Man?

I am a male and am considering a lip lift but I dont see too many pictures or males doing it. Is it a procedure that should not be done on males and what should be done to have a successful outcome on males.

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Male Lip Lifts

Actually I have done as many lip lifts on men as I have on women.  I find it to be a great procedure, one that can help with virtually no scar, but also gives nice results.

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Problems with Lip Lift for Men

Simple answer, it will not look natural and the beard always presents a problem. For bigger lips I suggest a dermal-fat graft, see the website below for more details.

Lip Lift for Men

Avilax, lip lifts can be performed on men but the goals for men are different than those for women.  I recommend that you find a facial plastic surgeon who understands the nuances in facial anatomy to best address your concerns.

Kimberly Lee, MD
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