Difficulty Smiling After Columella and Philtrum Augmentation

My friend told me that she had difficulty doing a full smile after a rhinoplasty with augmentation of her philtrum and lowering of columella. She is 3 months post-op and when she does a full smile ,only 3/4 of her upper teeth are showing, compared to how all of her upper teeth were showing pre-op. Can this be corrected?

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After Rhinoplasty, May Take Months for Lip Muscle to Recover

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Not usual for it to take 3-4 months for the upper lip and nose stiffness to abate.


I would wait several more  months. If not improved, re-consult with the surgeon and also get a second opinion from an oral surgeon ( DDS). They are very knowledgeable about this area.


-Robert Kotler,MD, FACS






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