I Am Having Difficulty Deciding Between Sculptra and Radiesse Injections to Fill my Face

please provide a clear answear to which is better to add fullness to the face. I am torned between sculptra and radiesse.

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Sculptra vs Radiesse

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Both are great products to add volume to the face.  If I have a patient that has overall facial thinning, I tend to recommend Sculptra.  And if I have a patient with just flat cheek bones and hollow temples, I recommend Radiesse.  However, I may even recommend both products.

If a patient has very concave temples, they will realize their fullness immediately with Radiesse, but it may take several months to accomplish this goal with Sculptra.

If a facial volume defect is due to a flat cheekbone, I like cheek augmentation with Radiesse.  However, I can accomplish the improvement in the cheekbones also with Sculptra, but again it will take several sessions. 

It is difficult to be specific when I can not evaluate you in person, however as you can understand; we can use these products together or alone.  I love working with both products and they can both be a good answer to correcting facial volume.




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