Difficulty Breathing After Rhinoplasty Due to Some Bone/muscle Alongside the Inside of the Nostril?

I got my nose done about a month ago and I never had problems with my breathing, this was all due to cosmetic reasons. However I realised that after I got it done that my breathing isnt right, so in order to get more air in I would have to do it through my mouth. I never used to feel this muscle or bone alongside the inside of my nostril but now i do, and i think that might be the reason for me having difficulty breathing. i dont think its the swelling. Please let me know if this is normal.

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Difficulty breathing after rhinoplasty

If you had your nasal bones infractured to make your nose thinner then having some trouble breathing is possibly the result of the surgery.  The good news is that 4 weeks is really early in rhinoplasty healing and you will probably see some improvement in the next 6-12 months as the swelling decreases.  Good luck!  Dr K

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