How Difficult is It to Smooth out a Bumpy Dorsum Due to a Bony Callous?

I know that all rhinoplasty revisions are complicated but, in that context, how difficult would it be to smooth out a bumpy dorsum? It seems I may have developed a bony callous that is very palpable and visible. I don't want my bridge simply whittled down but would rather have the edges smoothed out and perhaps an onlay graft added for added camouflage. Can you tell me what would be involved given my explanation of the problem? Thank you.

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Smoothing out a bumpy dorsum

Rasping a bony callous during a revision rhinoplasty is rather simple to perform.  Small dorsal irregularities are very common and occur in our practice approximately 10% of the time.  We simply do a quick revision at approximately 12 months post rhinoplasty using brief general anesthesia and rasp these irregularities down smooth.  Onlay grafts are only placed if there is a shallow bridge line such as a ski slope.

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Easier Manuevers in Rhinoplasty

This will be quite simple from your description with a quicker recovery. It is till important for you to search for a rhinoplasty specialist that you feel is equipped with the skills to handle any situation even though yours is simpler. Look at the before after gallery and or videos to determine this. Your procedure can be done through a quick closed approach. You may aor may not need the bones to be brought closer together if the reduction of the bump is excessive in size.

Good luck

Dr Ghavami

Ashkan Ghavami, MD
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"Bumpy" Dorsum Following Rhinoplasty

Filing an irregular dorsum will usually correct the problem and smooth out the edges without the need for an onlay graft. Recovery from this procedure will be a lot easier than your original surgery.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Smoothing callus on bridge

Sometimes bumps on the dorsum can just be filed down, but depending on the exact location and size more may be required to adequately support the area afterward.

More could be said about your options after seeing your nose.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Bumpy dorsum

It is difficult to say what could be done for you without an exam. Sometimes just shaving down the bump is necessary, and sometimes more needs to be done.

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Smoothing out the bridge after rhinoplasty

A revision that involves an onlay graft to smooth out the dorsum as you suggest is a major effort to get right. The revision could be a closed or open technique, however the graft will come from time and effort to obtain and shape to fit, not a casual process. Simple rasping a rough edge is more in line with uncomplicated.

Best of luck,

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Rhinoplasty revision for the bumpy dorsum.

Rhinoplasty revision for the bumpy dorsum involves filing the bump down to smooth it. This can be done with or without a soft tissue graft as you stated.

Toby Mayer, MD
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