Do Rhinoplasty Costs Differ According to the Degree of Difficulty?

About how difficult and pricey would a rhinoplasty surgery be for my nose?

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Rhinoplasty cost

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We charge approximately $6,000.00 for a primary rhinoplasty, which includes the operating room, surgeon’s fee, and the anesthesiologist’s fee for the procedure. This is in our Medicare certified ambulatory surgery center under general anesthesia. A revision rhinoplasty (secondary rhinoplasty) typically costs more due to complexity and time required to perform the surgery. 

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How to Determine Rhinoplasty Cost

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Rhinoplasty is not one operation, but rather many potential procedures to improve the appearance and function of the nose. The cost of rhinoplasty varies greatly, but it's usually similar for plastic surgeons in your area. Portions of rhinoplasty surgery may also be covered by your insurance provider. Rhinoplasty cost is depends on several factors, but largely dependent on the following:

Region - Beverly Hills rhinoplasty more expensive than rural Midwest

Complexity - Full rhinoplasty treating many parts of the nose and requiring anesthesia is more expensive than simple procedures isolated to specific areas which may be performed with local anesthesia

Revision rhinoplasty - Revision surgery more expensive than primary surgery

Surgeon - Some plastic surgeons charge significantly more or less than their peers

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Rhinoplasty Costs

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There are basic charges for primary rhinoplasty surgery, but costs will vary depending on complexity such as the need for grafts or nasal base narrowing. Revision surgery is usually more expensive unless the procedure is a minor revision of the original surgeon's work.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Rhinoplasty costs are usually the same, except for revisions.

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Most surgeons charge the same for the average nose. Revisions which require more time and skill are more expensive. The cost varies depending on how good the surgeon is and his experience, etc. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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Rhinoplasty Cost and Complexity

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The cost to perform a rhinoplasty (and with any surgery) is going to be based on the complexity of the surgery which in turn determines the amount of time needed to perform the surgery.  The time then determines the charge for the 3 basic costs of surgery which are the surgeon's fee, the operating room or surgery suite, and anesthesia services. 

Looking at your profile picture it is obvious you would want the bump (hump) taken down to give you a much nicer nose.  There may be other things you want to change about your nose which are not obvious from the picture which can effect the overall cost of the rhinoplasty.  In the Atlanta area where I am located, the average range for a rhinoplasty is $5000-$8500 and I feel certain the cost for your surgery would be at the higher end of that range.  Keep in mind that the cost is also going to be determined by the area in which you live.

My suggestion is to seek at least 3 consultations with Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeons who also have certification as an Otolaryngologist.  Ask to see before and after pictures if none are available on their websites (make sure any pictures viewed are actual patients of the surgeon).  Ask how many rhinoplasties they perform on average each year and approximately how many patients request a rhinoplasty revision after the original surgery.  I suggest asking if they can do a video image which should give you a good approximation of what you can expect to look like after surgery.  There are many surgeons who do not believe in using this technology but I find my patients enjoy this aspect of the consult and many of them indicate that the image was very close to their actual result. 

Arnold Zweig, MD (retired)
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

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