How difficult is capsule removal 4 months after pip removal?

After reading the comments from the various Doctors, and thank you for your advice. How difficult could it be to remove all or part of the capsule now after 4 months post PIP removal... I only have little breast tissue (A cup).. is it quite a long operation... and would the breast or could the breast look remarkably different ?? Many thanks I am seeing my CS this coming Thursday... want to go fully informed etc

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Capsule Removal 4 Months after Explant of Implant

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    I am not sure that there is much difficulty in performing anterior and posterior capsulectomy at any point.  I would want to assess the motivation for doing so, particularly in a very small breasted woman, as breast tissue is precious.


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capsule removal four months after surgery can be difficult. It is proably wise to wait another few months for further softening of the tissues

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Capsule removal after implant removal usually not too difficult

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Removing the capsule after implant removal is more involved than just removing the implant, but usually not too difficult.

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