Can Differin Cause my Pores to Get Bigger?

I've been using Differin 0.3 (a weak retinoid) for about 3 months. The past month I've noticed my pores became much larger. Before using Differin, my pores were invisible. They could not be seen with the human eye. However, my pores look much larger on my inner cheeks. Other parts of my face weren't affected - however, the effect might be spreading. Anyone please help? I've researched this for countless hours. I've heard that coming off the retinoid will allow my pores to return to it's size.

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Differin and Pore Size

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Differin and other topical retinoids do not make the pore size larger.  If the skin is swollen and irritated from a topical retinoid, the pores may appear larger but this would be only transient.  Once the irritation/swelling has resolved the pore size willl return to normal.

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