Breast Augmentation Procedure for Tubular Breasts?

I'm considering Breast Augmentation to improve minor tubular breasts. I am a 34A with a high breast fold and minor tubular shape. I have been told that surgery on my breasts would result in a double bubble effect as a new fold would need to be created, which gravity would improve in time, is this likely to go?

Also, is it completely wrong for the surgeons to simply do a standard augmentation on tubular breasts? Is there a different procedure? I have been told my surgery would involve releasing the constricted tissue however should they be doing more? Thank you

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Tuberous Breasts and Implants?

Thank you for your question and picture.

Your picture demonstrates breast ptosis probably with some degree of constriction/tuberous anomaly.

Thank you for the question.

Sometimes for “minor tubular breasts”  breast augmentation is all that is necessary to improve the appearance of the breasts  significantly. Although a “double bubble effect” is a potential complication it is not necessary an outcome of the procedure ( usually is not) is.

Tuberous breasts  generally have a very narrow base and usually a long skin envelope. In the most severe cases of tuberous breast, a breast lift can be done through an incision around the areola, making the breast into a more rounded shape that the patient will be happy with. In many cases however, a lift is not necessary.

You should be aware that the final result will take months to see and that you will need to be patient.

The incision is usually confined to around the nipple/areola and may require a vertical/horizontal incision as well. The procedure involves making internal incisions to release the tight breast tissues, making a larger space for an implant, rounding out the lower breast crease, and correcting enlarged and protruding areola.

Make sure that your surgeon has experience with this specific procedure and is a board certified plastic surgeon.

I hope this helps.

Tubular Breast Augmentation

In a tubular or constricted case the lower pole requires release and the infra mammary fold  needs to be lowered. This is done through a peri areolar incision which makes it easier to define the new IMF. If the old attachments of the fold are properly released then a double bubble deformity should not occur. The most common cause of this deformity is an attempt to lower the crease through a sub muscular plane. An augmentation alone can sometimes work in very mild cases, but usually a periareolar lift is necessary.

Tubular Breast Augmentation

There are many different shapes and conditions that are lumped into the term "tubular breast." In each situation, techniques necessarily vary to best correct the specific reshaping needed.

Sometimes, augmentation with a few relatively minor adjustments can be sufficient; other times, more complex remodeling of the breast is needed.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Tubular Breast - Correction

Breast augmentation can help tubular breasts, but there are three things that need to be addressed: narrow base, small and tight breast soft tissue envelope and large areola (sometimes the nipple-areola seem to protrude from the breast). Therefore, during the surgical procedure, there are things done to address all the components of this problem. In sever cases, tissue expansion (using an expander to stretch out the breast envelope) may be needed. As always, this is best addressed with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

J. Vicente P. Poblete, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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Surgical correction of tubular or constricted breast deformity with implant augmentation

Correction of tubular breast typically involves addressing 3 aspects of the "deformity:

  1. Small size
  2. Large areolae
  3. Narrow base diameter

Therefore surgery respectively consists of

  1. Implant augmentation
  2. Circumareolar reduction
  3. Radial relaxing incisions

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Augmentation of the breast is a great procedure for tuberous breasts

Some of my happiest patients are those who have presented with tuberous breast. I like to put the incision around the lower half of the nipple areolar complex, release the breast constriction which is making the high grease and split or unfold the lower half of the breast tissue to cover over the implant. I usually go sub mammary if there is enough breast tissue in the upper half of the breast or in a dual plane under the muscle above and under the breast bellow if there is inadequate breast tissue in the upper half. With tuberous breast I feel strongly you should use a textured silicone gel breast implant. Not infrequently the nipple areolar complex is large and the breast tissue seems to bulge through this like a hernia. In these cases I will add a peri areolar mastopexy to correct this condition. It works very nicely,

Carl W. "Rick" Lentz III, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Breast enhancement for Tubular breasts?

Hi there-

Depending on the extent of the lower pole constriction (which give the breasts the tubular shape), various methods may need to be brought to bear on your behalf in order to achieve a pleasing, round shape.

I do not agree that surgery on patients with tubular breasts always results in a double bubble that needs to be given time to improve. With good technique, the breasts are round and pleasing immediately. This does usually require a peri-areolar lift technique as well.

Reshaping breast tissue much more important than implants for tubular breasts.


I urge you not to have a simple breast augmentation if you have tubular breasts.  In fact you don't even need breast implants, except to go bigger. 

The key steps are releasing the base of your breasts and usually making the areolas smaller ( a modified breast lift with a scar around the nipple).

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Augmentation of Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous Breast also known as Constricted Breast or Snoopy Dog Nose Deformity describes a spectrum of different extents of breast asymmetry and deformities which have in common tight constructing breast side walls, a high breast fold and large and pouting areolas.

Their correction is best done through a periareolar incision through which the constrictions are divided with several radial cuts (center to periphery) and correction of the under the breast fold and areola as needed. Augmentation an appropriately picked implant, placed in the dual plane (under both muscle and breast gland) done in this fashion gives good results and does NOT always end up in a double-bubble deformity.

To know everything you need to know about BREAST AUGMENTATION, follow the comprehensive link below -

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Procedures for tubular breasts depend on specifics

Not all tubular breasts are the same, and so there are quite a few variations on the techniques used. Occasionally a strightforward augmentation will work, but if your surgeon's judgment is that something different is needed, he or she will not want to do a procedure that won't give good results. Often times a Benelli lift is helpful if the problem is a protruding nipple/areola, and other versions of a lift are helpful in other cases. One approach that I have sometimes found helpful when there is tight lower pole constriction is the use of expander implants (Mentor Spectrum). The use of a muscle splitting technique rather that the traditional dual-pane subpectoral can help avoid double bubble problems as well.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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