8 Months Post Opa nd Woke Up With Nose Looking Different? (photo)

So I'm 8 months post op rhinoplasty and everything was going great until one day I woke up and my nose looked a little different? Its hard to explain but it looks like a dark shadow on the lining of where the shape of my nose begins. What do you think it is? Do you think its just the finishing of my healing process and maybe my nose is suppose to end up looking like this as the finish product?

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8 Months Post Rhinoplasty

You do have deviation and severe narrowing of the middle of your nose which does not look good and probably is causing some breathing problems. Talk to your surgeon about a possible revision. 

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Dark line at top of the Nose

The nose continues to heal for an entire year after rhinoplasty surgery.  Sometimes patients will notice changes months out from surgery.  Though it is difficult to see in your photos, it may be that you are developing an inverted-V deformity.  

The inverted-V deformity is a complication of rhinoplasty that occurs when the cartilage portion of the nose (the lower 2/3) separates from the bones of the nose (the upper 2/3).  This allows the nasal bones to be seen in relief through the skin and it looks like an upside-down V.  Its difficult to predict who will develop this problem and it isn't necessarily your surgeon's fault.

Though it is unlikely to have occurred overnight, it may have now gotten to the point where you notice it.  I'd advise you to schedule an appointment with your surgeon to determine exactly what is going on.  If indeed you've developed an inverted V deformity, this can generally be fixed with a revision procedure.

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