What Are the Differences Between Restylane & Juvederm/Juvederm Ulta Plus in Lip Injections?

What are the differences between Restylane & Juvederm/Juvederm Ulta Plus in lip injections? I’ve tried Restylane and had great results, debating whether to try Juvederm/Juvederm Ulta Plus. My main questions are: Which lasts longer? Which has a shorter down time? (I was pretty swollen about 2 days with Restylane) Which has the better track record with FDA and/or any other nationally recognized program? I know both are pretty much the same but does one tend to give a different look/result?

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I like Juvederm better for lips but the physician's artistry is the key

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I personally like Juvederm better for the lips because it is a bit softer than Restylane.  For the rest of the face, especially the upper face I like Restylane better because it is firmer and stays in place better whereas Juvederm tends to spread out a bit.

That being said, I think they both have similar longevity; and the key difference is not so much what product is used but who does it for you.  Here are some key things:

1.  Make sure that the lips match your degree of aging.  Too often I see women in their 30s and 40s who are beginning to have mild facial aging go with 20 year old lips.  They look ridiculous.  Look at my video on age appropriate lips.

2.  The lips must have shape not just size, and the bottom lip must be larger in size.  If the lips are just uniformly augmented, they will not look natural.  They have to be balanced and shaped beautifully.

3.  I now use a technique with a microcannula that gives me multiple benefits.  One, I can do the procedure with zero pain even without a dental block.  I know that is hard to believe but it is true.  in addition, I can do the lips with ZERO BRUISING and almost no swelling.  this has been a revolution.  probably less than 0.5% of docs out there do this or know about it unfortunately.  combine that with the artistry and you have it hard to find someone that truly understands and performs good lip injections.

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Restylane vs Juvederm for Lips

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Both Restylane and Juvederm Ultra/Ultra Plus last about the same amount of time in the lips.  They are both FDA-approved to last up to 12 months.  Because we are constantly speaking, eating, and moving these muscles around the mouth, filler in the lip tends to wear off a little quicker than when it is placed in a less mobile location.  The down time is similar between Restylane and Juvederm Ultra/Ultra Plus.  Both have the same risks/side effects.  The most common side effects are bruising, redness and swelling.  These should all resolve completely.  Many expert injectors prefer and recommend Juvederm for a softer, more natural feel in the lips.

Kristel D. Polder, MD
Dallas Dermatologic Surgeon

Restylane, Juvederm or Juvederm Ultra Plus for lip Augmentation?

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Restylane and Juvederm are the typical fillers used for lip augmentation, IMHO.  Juvederm Ultra Plus is thicker and is not recommended for lip augmentation.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Juvederm vs Restylane for lips

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Juvederm or Restylane pretty much interchangeable for lip injections. An occasional patient who has had both will feel that Juvederm feels a little more"natural" due its being slightly softer. Either one is a great option for correcting an aging lip. They are used to replace lost volume, define the vermilion borders and create a more youthful curl, elevate and lift the corners of the mouth, and correct vertical wrinkle lines. They can restore the natural contour of the upper and lower lip and enhance the Cupid’s bow area. Lifting the corners of the mouth gives a hint of a smile and reduces the “sad or angry look” when they are down turned. Please remember, your results depend upon the skill and experience of your physician injector. 

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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Restylane vs Juverderm

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Restylane and Juvederm are nearly identical.  They are different brands of the same product "hylauronic acid".  I have used both of them interchangeably and have not noticed a difference.  Within each brand there are slightly different models such as juvaderm, juvaderm ultra, and juvaderm ultra plus.  Each step up has more molecular crosslinking and therefore theoretically lasts longer.

All the best,

Dr Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 173 reviews

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