Differences between lower/upper bleth at 35 versus an older age? (photos)

I would like to see what the best type of upper/lower bleth would be for me. Does doing this at 35yo make it harder to do again, in 10 years? How long should the results last for? Do people have second and third upper bleths? I would like conservative results, how could I ensure that a surgeon would do this? I would like upper eyelids like a 25yo guy not a 16yo girl. Could filler in my under eye area do the job? Would doctors advise me to try filler first or might this complicate a bleth?

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Upper and lower blepharoplasty

The primary goal of upper lid surgery is to remove excess skin and a little bit of fat. The primary goal of lower eyelid surgery is to remove fatty deposits in the lower lids, and sometimes a little bit of skin. For more information  about blepharoplasty and our eyelid photo gallery please see  the link below

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