Differences Between Hair Removal Laser Processes. What Do You Recommend For Fair, Sensitive Skin?

My daugher, 14.5 years has been recently diagnosed with PCOS due to her irregular periods, hormone levels, excess hair and back acne. We are starting oral contraception. She would like to reduce the hair on her face, lip, side burns, underside, etc. We tried electrolysis but it takes long to see results. We're confused about all the laser opportunities available. What is the difference between laser, BBL and IPL? What is best for very fair, very sensitive skin with dark hair?

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Thank-you for your question!

Due to many advances in the field of laser, we now use the same ND-YAG laser for all skin types for hair removal. This laser sends a particular wavelength that is NOT affected by skin type. IPL is a flash lamp device that is used to remove solar lentgines (freckles) and vascular lesions(spider veins) and does work best in fair-skinned patients. However, for your daughter's needs, the ND Yag 1064 Laserl (we use Cutera's Cool Glide Hair Removal System) would work perfectly. Please note if she is using Accutane for acne, the hair removal is CONTRAINDICATED. She would need to wait 6 months after stopping Accutane to start the laser hair removal. Take care!

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