Traditional Fat Injection Vs FAMI Technique?

How is FAMI (Fat Autograft Muscle Injection) different?

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Fat injection techniques

The premise of the FAMI injection is that if you inject fat droplets into the muscle there will be greater blood supply and they will survive better.

Here's the rub.

Most fat cells that are aspirated through a syringe and then injected with a needle are dead.  Their membranes are broken by the suction and injection process.

So no matter where you put them, they are still dead.

We prefer autologous nontraumatized fat-fascial grafts for most areas on the face.  At least they are alive when you leave the operating room and not 80% dead.

Some of our studies on this matter are referenced below.

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Fat Injections with or withoutFAMI technique

Fat can be injected in the plane between the fat and dermis or within the fat. This is somewhat less invasive than muscle injection, with less swelling possibly. Injections of very small amounts of fat in muscle may allow the droplets of fat to have a better circulation of oxygen around them allowing them to live. Wherever fat is injected, that new area has to supply the fat cells with oxygen before there is a new blood supply to the fat. The muscle injected with fat may allow for a longer term result although patients have had long term results without the FAMI technique.

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Fat Transfer to face

The premise of the FAMI technique is fat injection into the muscle to imporve fat cell survival. However, fat cells probably live and develop better within a fat milieu than a muscle environment. I persoanlly prefer fat injection with fatty tissue of your face using a micrografting technique.

Why FAMIā„¢ is very different from fat grafting

FAMI™  technique is not what is called" fat grafting" since FAMI™  technique is indeed based on the destruction of the fat in order to isolate the stem cells or what we call now, the stromal  vascular fraction of the Fat (SVF) and inject them deep into the facial muscles and under the periosteum. In order to survive, the stem cells need to be injected in a much vascularized environment, which are undeniably the muscles. FAMI™ stands for Fat autografting muscle injection or more precisely Fresh autologous mesenchymal integration when we talk about stem cells. The FAMI™  technique speaks for itself with 14 years of successful proven results by experts all around the world, including US, who rely on high knowledge in facial anatomy and the use of a specific patented instrumentation.

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Fat injections

When fat is aspirated properly and prepared appropriately a very large amount of that fat is live and well, it has proven over and over again in multiple studies. There is enough body of evidence now that the fat also contain lots of STEM CELLS. there is a lot of research on that subject.

Fat transfer technique is dine in small alliqotes in multiple layers, which can start in the muscle going up to just under the skin in criss cross layers, and it will survive and enhance the area injected.

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