What is the Difference Between Vaser LipoSelection and Vaser Hi Def (LipoSculputure)?

the more i read about Vaser Lipo the more confused i get.Whats the difference between Vaser LipoSelection and Vaser Hi Def (LipoSculputure) or is it the same thing? would it help in my case? please help

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Difference between Vaser LipoSelection and Vaser Hi Def (LipoSculputure)

The newest techniques in Liposuction differ only in how the fat is manipulated before it is vacuumed (liposuctioned) out.

After infiltrating TUMESCENT (swelling) solution the fat is inflated, the amount of blood in its blood vessels is diminished by pressure and the epinephrine in the tumescent solution causes a spasm in the blood vessels making them harder to bleed when liposuction divides them. As a result, much more fat can be removed with much less bleeding.

Now come the differences if the tumesced fat is now treated with:

Laser fiber (Smartlipo, Prolipo, Slimlipo etc) - the fat is cooked along with everything that runs through it with a very hot laser fiber and the resulting fluid is then removed with suction.

Power Assisted Liposuction - The fat is now suctioned with a hand held engine rather than the surgeon pushing and pulling the tube through the fat.

VASER ultrasound machine - (LIPOSELECTION - coined by the company Sound Technologies, Louisville,Colorado) - the fat is blown up with a specific sound frequency. When this stage is completed, the fat is removed. (IF there is an attempt for more 3D sculpting of the area (especially the tummy), we are performing liposculpture (a pure marketing term). To get surgeons to plop down close to 35,000 dollars in franchise fees Sound Technologies has termed such techniques VASER Hi Def. The truth is, as nice or nicer results can be created WITHOUT the VASER. (For the record, I am a VASER user but do not like the preposterous marketing by some affiliated with the company).

Pick a Plastic surgeon who is good - not one who is more focused on the latest marketing craze.

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Vaser hidef and vaser liposelection

Vaser hidef is a branded name after taking a course to sculpt the abdominal wall and create 6 pack abs or the like.  Vaser is Vaser and the skill sets of different docters can vary.

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