What's the Difference Between Thermage and Radiage?

I had Thermage 3 years ago, and need another treatment. I heard about RADIAGE. some say RADIAGE is stronger and better than THERMAGE, while others claim that thermage is better, and has a greater skin tightening effect than Radiage.

It seems, nobody can give a truthful answer, and, I would really like to know which procedure is better and lasts longer in terms of lifting, sagging jowls and eyebrows.

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Thermage vs Radiage

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I have been using Thermage successfully for many years. I think it is too soon to determine which is better. I think that Thermage will penetrate deeper than Radiage. In addition, the treatment tip for Thermage is much larger so treatment times are much shorter. Lastly, Radiage will only tone the skin. Thermage can also reduce excess fatty deposits. In summary, you will see results with both. It is too soon to say which one is better.

Good luck!

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