What is the Difference Between Thermage and Peeling?

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Thermage and Peelings are complimentary treatments.

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Thermage and Peelings are excellent complimentary treatments although they have no similar characteristics. Thermage is a radiofrequency device that uses heat to stimulate your own collagen and cause a tightening to the skin. Thermage is used for people who are noticing  that there skin is losing it elasticity and to prevent further drooping. Peels on the other hand treat the outer layers of the skin with digestive enzymes to remove dead skin cells and expose fresh radiant skin. The goal with peels is to exfoliate the surface to improve the quality and look of the skin (reduce oiliness, blackheads, fine lines, dull skin and pigmentation). So you can see why they would be ideal to go together to address loose skin and imperfections.

Thermage vs. Peel

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Greetings Michelle~

When you ask about peeling, I am assuming you are referring to chemical peels. Regardless of the type of chemical (acid) peel, peels address the surface color and to some extent texture.  Thermage does not address color but does address collagen stimulation and skin tightening.  So, if your concern is sagging or loose skin--I recommend Thermage.  If your concern is brown spots or sun damage, I would recommend a peel.

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Dr. Grant Stevens      

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