What Difference Between the Patients Who Die from Surgery and Those That Survive with Good Results when It Comes to Bbl?

Although everyone has been telling me how rare complications are, can some doctors chime in and tell me why some patients make it with good results and others have horrible complications and death? Can anyone weigh in? am healthy with medical clearance but am VERY afraid now. 

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Risks of brazilian butt lift

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The risks of buttocks augmentation with fat transfer are dependent on:

  • Amount and type of liposuction performed at the time of fat transfer
  • Amount of fat transferred
  • Anesthesia technique used for the procedure
  • Experience and qualification of the surgeon
  • Location (facility) of the procedure

Brazilian butt lift  is a complex surgical procedure and the vast majority of complications listed in the literature were preventable complications.  The risk of fat emboli is present always with either liposuction or fat transfer, but it is exceedingly low if the fat transferred is injected only upon withdraw of the cannula.


Plano Plastic Surgeon

Risks with the brazilian butt lift

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The risks of dying are very, very rare as long as you are healthy and do not have any medical problems. Picking a surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and having the procedure not in any office but a fully Medicare-certified surgery center adds a higher level of safety.  I have been performing the procedure for 10 years now and the difference between a good result and a poor result in my experience is how much fat you have to harvest. The more you have the better the results.
Dr Michael Gartner

Brazilian butt lift

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Which patients are at higher risk to die?  Well screening for surgical procedures is part of the consultation. If aperson has alot of medical problems like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc.. this increases the risk of complications.   A full medical work-up and clearance for most patients is essential.  A healthy patient is at very low risk of problems.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Making your Brazilian Butt Lift Safer! What to do....?

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Fortunately, complications from the Brazilian Butt Lift are very rare!  I have been performing this procedure for about 15 years and rarely ever see any complications and fortunately none of them has ever been a death. 
All surgery has risks.  Fortunately, they are relatively rare.  I take all precautions possible to make the surgery as safe as possible.  I perform this surgery at a very nice local hospital where you spend the night and go home the next day.  Most of my patients find this very comforting to be in a hospital setting for safety as well as more comfortable to just sleep off the anesthesia and go home the following day. 
A lot of what makes the surgery safer as well as what makes you get a better result is what you do afterwards.  I have a very strict routine that I instruct my patients to follow which improves the safety and provides beautiful results.

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