What is the Difference Between Smart Lipo and Tumescent Liposuction?

What is the Difference Between Smart Lipo and Tumescent Liposuction?

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Tumescent liposuction describes the anesthesia technique used while performing liposuction, and

Smart Lipo is a technique of performing liposuction in which internal laser treatment is combined with liposuction to improve the skin tightening.  Liposuction originally required anesthesia and was associated with significant pain and blood loss.  The technique of tumescent liposuction refers to placement of high dose saline anesthesia, with epinephrine and xylocaine,  by injection into the area to be treated by liposuction.  This enables us to do the liposuction with minimal discomfort, without general anesthesia.  It also decreases significantly the amount of blood loss because of the effect of the epinephrine in the tumescent solution.  One can then do traditional liposuction, power liposuction, ultrasound liposuction, or Smart Lipo with the tumescent anesthesia technique.   

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Tumescent Lipo

Smart lipo needs a fluid in the fat tissue prior to use.  Tumescent lipo is the infiltration of fluid prior, they are competing modalities.  You need fluid prior to lipo with Smart lipo, Vaser lipo, Slim lipo, Lipotherme, conventional lipo, and all the rest.

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