Difference in Projection and Diameter when Mentor Implant Filled

I have read that mentor 350-400cc implants have a diameter of 13.3 and proj. of 3.9 at minimum fill level. I noticed that the others low & high profile show different D & P when filled to the limit but the Moderate don't....in a 350-400cc implant what is the potential D & P when filled to top level? Thx

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Difference in Projection and Diameter when Mentor Implant Filled

These numbers are only estimates and are to be used for comparison purposes. Please remember that as you compress the implants, the same implant will have different dimensions from those listed when placed OVER versus UNDER the muscle

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Implant choices

This is something that your doctor can review with you whenyou choose an implant.  Volume is important but shape is also important. This all depends upon your goals and your anatomy.

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Implant Dimensions

At max fill on the Mentor moderate saline implants, the dimensions are 12.6cm wide and 4.7cm in projection.  You can actually overfill that implant to about 425cc if necessary, which would make the projection probably closer to 5.0cm. I hope this helps.

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