What is the Difference Between Neck Lift and Lower Face Lift?

The pictures make the results look pretty similar. What are the differences in operation?

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Facial aging doesn't stop at the neck line.

The face and neck age together and for the most part a neck lift should include elevation of the lower face. Conversely a lower facelift should include tightening of the neck. In most cases the operation is essentially the same  but may be called a neck lift or a lower facelift depending on the surgeons preference. The one exception is an isolated platysmaplasty which can tighten the mid line neck without having any effect on the face. When performed on its own it is used to improve a sagging neck in a young patient who has no other signs of facial aging.

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Lower Face Lift vs Neck Lift

You can try to keep things separate by discussing the lower face (from the cheekbone to the jawline) and the neck (from the jawline to the clavicle), but they are closely related.  If a patient only has muscle bands in the neck with minimal skin laxity, it is possible to do a truly isolated neck lift (by tightening the muscles, and allowing the skin to re-distribute)--but most of the time patients also have significant skin laxity.  When you need to remove excess skin from the neck, a scar will be placed in-front of the ear (to avoid "bunching" of the skin infront of the ear), and that means the cheek has been undermined.  Because of this, the neck operation has crossed-over into the lower face, and you might as well address the jawline.  It is important to discuss your desired outcomes with your surgeon, and listen to how they plan to achieve your goals - it should make sense.  How the operation is named is a bit superfluous.

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Neck vs lower face lift. What's the difference?

Neck vs lower face lift.  What's the difference?  Nothing other than semantics.   There are a lot of names flying around out there for facial rejuvenation procedures and you the patient have to be careful and do your homework to make sure you know exactly what you're buying and consenting.   Make sure your surgeon explains, and shows you, what the procedure can accomplish, location of incisions, and potential pitfalls or complications.  

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Neck lifts and lower facelifts

Aging is not restricted to only the neck area, so it would be unlikely to only need a necklift without the incorporation of the lower facelift as well.  As I perform the surgeries, I include the lower facelift with my necklifts for most of the patients.  Excess skin tightening as well as better muscle tone should include elevation and lateral rotation of the platysmal and SMAS layers with the neck and lower facial skin.


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Face neck excess skin

In my over 30 years of experience, when you treat you neck and is the focus of the problem, some works need to be done in your face and biceversa. The problem is how much needs to be done and which structures of the face and the neck are involve.

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Necklift vs. Lower Facelift

There is a continuum between a facelift and necklift, and the differences are neither universally agreed upon nor necessarily clear cut. In my practice, a lower facelift focuses on the jawline, angle of the mandible, and SMAS substructure of the face, while a necklift focuses on the platysma, cervicomental angle, and redraping of neck skin. Commonly, a patient will require a facelift/ necklift to address a combination of these issues.

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Facelift and Neck Lift Combined

Thank you for your question.  Most of my patients will combine Facelift and Necklift to ensure results giving a contoured jawline and neck line (which do not look distorted).  The scar incisions for a neck lift will extend slightly further around the back of the ear compared to just a lower face lift procedure.  To ensure neck lift rejuvenation this may need a combination of neck lift, neck liposuction and platysmplasty to tighten the neck, reduce the volume of the neck that tends to give the appearance of a double chin and to smooth out the lines and wrinkles that are visible as the early signs of ageing.

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Necklift vs Lower facelift differences

A necklift addresses the sagging skin in the neck and under the chin.  It isn't meant to address jowl tightening.  A lower facelift will tighten the neck, the jowl, and some of us also can perform a cheek lift at the same time. 

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Necklift versus Lower Facelift - What is the Difference?

Thank you for your question. A lower facelift tightens and restores the entire face, neck, jawline, jowls, cheeks, midface and lateral brow.  A neck lift concentrates on the neck below the jawline. Hope this answers your question.  Best of luck to you!

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Necklift versus Lower Facelift - What is the Difference?

A lower face lift is always combined with a neck lift but the opposite is not necessarily true. The incisions are almost the same, they go higher to the sideburns in a facelift. A lower facelift corrects the jowls while a neck lift tightens the neck skin and muscles and improve the neck profile.

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