Difference between my left eye and right eye? (photo)

I think that my left eye is a more almond shape while my right is somehow rounder, while tilting upwards. I also have lazy eye syndrome on my right eye. So whenever I take pictures from the right angle, my right eye appears way larger than my left. Plus, since young I have the tendency to sleep facing the right side. Could this be the cause of my right side of the face to lift a little bit higher than my left? If so, what can I do to make it more symmetrical? And roughly how much would it be?

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Asymmetric Asian eyelids

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thank you for the photographs

In general I will say the you were simply born in this way.

it is very common to have both shape differences and crease differences between the 2 eyes.

This may be able to be addressed with a conservative surgery but I couldn't say for sure without a physical exam.

In general your asymmetry doesn't look too bad and a few her in my office and I found this to be the case on physical exam I might suggest to wait till later in life. Any changes you make now at this young age can be permanent and possibly not worth it. As you age the asymmetry will become a bit more noticeable but you can still corrected so maybe gets better to wait but he'll have to get a consultation with a good eyelid surgeon to know for sure.

I like your eyes, they have personality.

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