Thermage CPT Vs NXT

What's the difference for the new model CPT vs NXT? is it worth to pay more to do CPT?

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Thermage CPT vs. NXT

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Great question!  The CPT is the newest of the Thermage systems.  The first noticeable difference between the two technologies is the level of discomfort.  The new CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) is much more comfortable for patients than the previous versions of Thermage.  This greater level of comfort is accomplished by two factors: 1) a new vibrating tip that helps to, in a sense, distract the nerve/pain sensations and 2) the distribution of the heat coming from the tip is now significantly different.  This new heat delivery method is not only more comfortable but allows more heat/energy to be delivered more efficiently and safely making the treatment more effective.

So 2 main reasons to choose the THermage CPT:  Less discomfort and better results! 

Hope that helps.  Good luck!

Dr. Grant Stevens             

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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