Difference Between Lipo/fat Graft to Buttocks and BBL?

Is there a difference in my doctor doing lipo to my hips, flanks, and thighs then doing a "large" fat graft to my butt and a brazilian butt lift? Isn't lipo/graft essentialy what a BBL is? He was already going to lipo some area and then he offered that I could use the fat elsewhere if I chose to....and I decided upon the buttocks, however he never used the term BBL or explained what his intended final result would be. But the quote paperwork showed lipo to the areas and large fat graft.

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BBL essentially the same as lipo with fat grafts

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In my experience, it may be better to stage the volume of fat transfers as "large" fat deposits tend to lose more volume over time because of inadequate recovery of viable fat cells.  By considering smaller deposits over the same areas, a higher percentage of the fat transfer may be "rescued" by the host tissues with better circulation and less pressure.

Brazilian Buttock Lift

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A "Brazilian buttock lift" consists of doing liposuction in areas of concern to enhance the buttock contour, processing the fat for better take, and then relocation of the fat by injection to the buttocks to enhance shape. 

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