What is Healing Time for Asian Blepharoplasty on Young Male?

What is the difference in healing times (for upper blepharoplasty in Asian) for a healthy 18 year old male, as opposed to someone 30, 40 even 50 years old? Is the healing time dramatically lower, and by how much? Is a month sufficient to go out and not have anyone know that it was performed at all?

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Healing time for Asian Blepharoplasty is variable and dependent on the person, genetics, etc.

You can't guarantee anything in medicine and with surgery and that goes for Asian Blepharoplasty as well.  Based on my experience doing asian blepharoplasty, a month should be plenty of time.  You may not have people not notice at all though because Asian Blepharoplasty is an anatomical change to your eye appearance which people will notice of course.  But the swelling and bruising are usually markedly decreased by the time a month rolls around.  I sometimes see people back at a week and they are looking much better.  This is definitely not the norm though.  There are some things to speed up the recovery though.  Avoiding blood thinners is important for 2 weeks to a month before your procedure.  This can help decrease the oozing and hence the bruising and swelling that occurs with the oozing.  Also the skill of the surgeon makes a world of difference.  Dissecting in the right planes, anatomical planes decreases the oozing, and swelling.  The technique can make a huge difference. In terms of age, sometimes younger people have a much more robust inflammatory reaction to a procedure that can prolong the healing in some cases. Whereas in the older patient the decreased inflammation speeds up the healing.

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Healing time for Asian blepharoplasty

Asian blepharoplasy aims to create a low, natural lid crease that contours to the shape of the lid margin and gives the eyelid more definition.  Healing time in an 18 year old would not be dramatically different than someone in their 30's or 40's.  In fact younger patients can still develop more inflammation than their older counterparts as the immune system can be more aggressive.  Generally, young men and women undergoing an Asian blepharoplasty can expect the initial bruising to dissipate in 10-14 days after surgery.   Swelling and redness generally will remain for 4-6 weeks as the new eyelid crease height retains fluid in the area.  One month would be possible, but many patients will still have some swelling and require more time for the optimal cosmetic result.  

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