Fraxel vs. Matrix w/Triniti

Will either one produce better results? I've already gone thru the 3 Triniti sessions. thank you.

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Fraxel vs. other light sources

Your question is rather vague as it does not describe what condition you wish to treat.  Every treatment has to be evaluated based on what you are trying to improve, such as: photodamage coloration, skin texture, looseness, wrinkles, acne scars, etc.  The Fraxel laser could involve only the Fraxel REstore 1550nm. which is great for fine lines light improvement of sundamage coloration and is very good for acne scar revision with multiple treatments.  The Fraxel Dual is a 1927 nm. laser which very quickly addresses the dark sun damaged spots, and the Fraxel Repair is a carbon dioxide fractional ablative laser that require more down time and can improve texture more quickly than the other lasers.  Light sources and radiofrequency devices may help texture and collagen production in the dermis but I don't think that the Trinity has been compared side-by-side to the Fraxel.

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