Difference Between Fraxel Repair and Fraxel Laser?

I've heard people mention both Fraxel Repair and Fraxel Laser, but what's the difference between the two?

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Fraxel restore and Fraxel repair - Night and Day

Hi Susanne,

There is a huge difference between Fraxel re:store and Fraxel re:pair, but to make a long story short, Fraxel re:store is a mild non-ablative erbium fractionated laser treatment that helps with fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, and scars requiring a series of 3 to 5 treatments with little downtime.

Fraxel re:pair takes traditional carbon dioxide laser and fractionates it. It gives remarkable rejuvenating results in a single ablative treatment with substantially more downtime and post treatment care. It can take 5 to 10 years off without surgery. It tightens lax skin of the face, eye lids, and neck. It also treats acne scars and traumatic scars.

In her documentary this August entitled "Super Botox Me", London based journalist Kate Spicer came to the U.S. for two weeks and had non-invasive facial cosmetic procedures in NYC and Los Angeles, including a Fraxel re:pair treatment in my office around her eyes. You can view her experience by going to the Channel 4 BBC web site.

Say hello to Kate if you see her in London. Be well.

Dr. P

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Fraxel is a brand name for a type of laser

Fraxel is the brand name for a laser used in the treatment of skin problems, such as dark spots. There are different types of Fraxel including Fraxel Restore, Fraxel Dual and Fraxel Repair. Fraxel Restore Dual is an Thulium-based treatment that can be used to improve the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, and to improve acne scars with less down time. Fraxel Repair is a CO2-based treatment used to treat deeper lines but requiring more recovery time.

Sanusi Umar, MD
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There are three fraxel lasers. The one used in a spa...

There are three fraxel lasers. The one used in a spa gives a very superficial exfoliation. Fraxel Restore is done in a doctor’s office and helps even out dark sunspots (liver spots) and fine lines. It can improve acne scars and pores, although results vary depending on the individual.

These treatments usually are given in a series of five or six and can be done every one to two weeks, or more depending on your schedule.

Fraxel Repair is also done in a doctor’s office. It requires up to a week of recovery or more for full wound healing depending on how aggressive the settings are used. It can help improve deeper lines and induce some tightening that the Fraxel Restore would not.

The appearance after the laser treatment can be frightening in the first few days whereas the Fraxel Restore allows people to socialize although they will be slightly red, swollen and note gentle flaking. Makeup can be used the next day after Restore but not for at least several days to a week in Repair.

Your physician should decide which is the best laser for you depending on your skin

Ronald Shelton, MD
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One treatment results with the Fraxel re:pair

Solta Medical makes different types of Fraxel lasers.  The Fraxel re:pair is the newest Fraxel laser available and uses a fractionated carbon dioxide laser to get results that last in a single treatment.  The re:store or dual are also very effective for treating the skin, but require multiple treatments to get optimal results.

Jason Brett Lichten, MD
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