Difference Between CUI Breast Implants & Tissue Expanders?

Hi Ive just had CUI Breast implants & tissue expanders & trying to understand more how they work, I understand wor breast implants are but what are tissue expanders & why are they used with implants? Thanks.

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I need a little more explanation to answer this. Although there are combined implant/expanders, most are either one or the other. 

  • An implant is a "permanent" device, not to say it will last forever, but its use is hopefully the only planned procedure, or the last planned in a series of reconstructive operations
  • An expander is a temporary device, usually used after mastectomy, to stretch out the tissues so that eventually a "permanent" implant can be inserted. Typically it is placed at surgery, and fillled intermittently until a desired size is reached, and then it is removed and replaced by an implant.
  • There is a hybrid expander-implant which is occasionally used when some post operative adjustment in size may be needed any breast enlargement. This typically involves women with asymmetric breasts.

This may answer your question. Otherwise the bit more information from you about what the nature of the operation you have had would be helpful.

Thank you best wishes

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