What's the Difference Between Bull's Horn Lip Lift and FATMA?

What's the difference between a FATMA (fat transfer and mucosal advancement) and a Bulls Horn Lift? Is one better than the other? Thank you.

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Sexy Lip Restoration Procedures

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The lip is central to our sexual image and understandably restoration of the aging deflated lip to a more attractive appearance has stimulated a lot of operations, each focused on one aspect of the aging process.

Shortening the vertical height of the lip and lifting the skin by removal of skin either just above the Vermilion boder / white line is not complicated but leaves a permanent visible scar just above the lip that many of us would rather not leave. A better option is the removal of skin just under the nose and hiding the Bull Horns shaped scar along the junction of the lip with the nose. This shortens the lip by "lifting the curtain".

Although every compound imaginable and unthinkable has been at one time injected into the lip, with disastrous consequences, the surviving methods include dermalfat grafts, injected fat grafts and Restylane / Juvederm. The latter are much simpler to use with less downtime and much more predictable results.

with aging the pink of the lip (mucosa) inverts resulting in less pink showing. several operations involving reconstructive tissue shifting methods were used to counteract this. In the MUCOSAL VY ADVANCEMENT, several V incisions are cut into the moist, pink lining of the lip. the V's are pulled forward and the wounds are closed as Y's resulting in more pink on the outside. The problem with this operation besides the inside the lip scarring is that the swelling and pink show is mostly due to lymphatic blockage and is not very long-lasting. A milder but much easier result is achieved with fillers.

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