What' the Difference Between Vaser Hi Def, Standard and Ultra Hi Sculpture

Hi Professionals. I would being researching on Liposuction as i want to have it done. Im 57-58kgs and 1.58cm tall. I want to have it done on Hips, I/O thighs, L/U abs and saddlebags I would like to know whats is the difference between 1. Vaser Standard Liposelection 2. Ultra Definition Sculpting 3. Vaser High Definition Also what the are pros and cons and which one is best to use?

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Vaser liposuction

Vaser is the use of ultrasonic energy to perform liposuction.  I have taken the hi-def course and some patients can get remarkable results from it.  AS for the other terms I am not sure, but I suspect that they are marketing terms to be similar to the hi-def way.  Seek out the surgeon not the name brand to get the desired results..

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Vaser Lipo

The high def and other sculpting are ways to attempt to go very close to the muscle and give the “six pack” look and accentuate the abs, or other body areas. Thank you for your question.

Vivek Bansal, MD
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