What is the Difference Between Botox A and B?

I've read about types used but am wondering what the difference is?does one come hydrated and the other in a powder form? Different hydrated shelf life and storage requirements. Very confusing

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Botulinum toxins A & B

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As far as the person receiving the botulinum toxin is concerned, this information is irrelevent.Most physicians in USA use Botulinum toxin A: be it Botox or Dysport [ or Xeomin/Puretox], for cosmetic use ; or for excessive sweating problems. The efficacy of the preparations is quite equal & all are FDA-approved. It is a matter of personal preference of the treating dermatologist/plastic /ophthalmic surgeon.

Detroit Dermatologic Surgeon

Botulinum toxin A vs. B

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There are seven serotypes of botulinum toxin.  Type A is composed of Botox Cosmetic brand and Dysport brand from two different companies.  Type B serotype is Myobloc which is not being used by physicians as there were no advantages over Dysport and Botox.  Both of the latter come as a powder that gets mixed with liquid in the doctors office and then gets refrigerated.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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What is the difference between Botulinum Types A and B?

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There are actually 7 categories of Botulimnum toxins with only Type A and B approved for human application. Type A which includes Botox(R) and Dysport(R) is the only one approved by the FDA for cosmetic usage. Myobloc(R) is a Type B and is used for a variety of muscle related pathologies.

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Botulinum toxin A and B

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Ther are several different forms of botulinum toxin that is Botox and Dysport are both A. Myobloc is B.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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BOTOX®, Dysport® and XEOMIN® are all formulations containing botulinum toxin type-A.

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BOTOX®, Dysport® and XEOMIN® are all formulations containing botulinum toxin type-A.

Myobloc® is the only commercially available formulation which contains botulinum toxin type-B.

As a practical matter, only botulinum toxin type-A is used for cosmetic treatment, because the benefits of treatment with botulinum toxin type-A last 2-4 times longer than botulinum toxin type-B, and botulinum toxin type-A causes little discomfort during injection, compared with botulinum toxin type-B which is quite painful for many patients.

As an aside, I would add that the term "toxin" is a bit misleading. These medications are not used as "toxins". The safety margin with botulinum toxin type-A medications like BOTOX®, Dysport® and XEOMIN® is very high. It would take perhaps 100 times the usual cosmetic dose [for example, 3000 instead of 30 units of BOTOX®] to cause serious systemic problems in most individuals]. Compare that with common things like ASA, Tylenlol®, or even a glass of wine or water, where the toxic level might be only 10-20 times the usual dose.

Kevin C. Smith, MD
Niagara Falls Dermatologic Surgeon

Botulinumtoxin B is not for cosmetic use

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Botulinumtoxin A is BOTOX Cosmetic.  Botulinumtoxin B does not last as long and is not approved for cosmetic use.

Joseph A. Eviatar, MD, FACS
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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