What's the difference between board certified PS and a fellow of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery?

I would like to know if a Doctor with a title of MD,DMD,FAACS would be a reputable choice in facial surgery, such as a facelift? I always hear to go to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon,but the Doctor I visited has the title FAACS. He does have his own surgery center and have seen numerous before and afters.Please let me know your opinions. Thank you

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Comparing credentials in aesthetic surgery

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There are numerous answers on RS regarding the differences in training between doctors who would like to do your facelift. Please search for these.

Given the titles of the doctor you mention, I would predict that he/she is a dentist who finished dental school and then trained in oral surgery and got the MD degree as part of doing that. These people move jaw bones, remove wisdom teeth, and treat facial trauma victims. They are not trained in fully accredited plastic surgery residency programs and unless they are, they cannot claim to be Board Certified in Plastic Surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery is not a recognized board certification according to the American Board of Medical Specialties and was designed to give those non-plastic surgeons some credentials to impress you.  Not that some of these folks don't do nice work, but they don't have the same training and experience as a real plastic surgeon. 

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