What is the Difference Between Restylane and Radiesse?

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Brief Overview of Fillers (Restylane/Juvederm vs. Radiesse vs. Evolence) - the Bottomlines

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Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), a component of our natural connective tissue underneath the skin. Radiesse is made of calcium hydroxyapatite micronized granules which can be thought of as a synthetic grounded up bone structure. Longevity for HA fillers is 4-9 months for Restylane or Juvederm, 6-10 months for perlane. Longevity for Radiesse is typically 9-18 months. Evolence is a purified porcine collagen which has virtually zero allergenicity in clinical setting and lasts 6-12 months.

The advantage of HA fillers is relatively cheaper pricing and is reversible with hyaluronidase if needed. The disadvantage of HA fillers is their associated temporary swelling due to HAs' humectant (water-drawing) property and relatively rapid degradation.

The advantage of Radiesse is its longer longevity, ability to provide greater structural support such as in its application in cheek augmentation or eyebrow lift. The disadvantage of Radiesse is greater risk of bruising, swelling and its unforgiving nature and persistency in the hands of less than experienced clinical injectors.

The advantage of Evolence is minimal risk of swelling and bruising. The disadvantage of Evolence is the occasional bumps which can be minimized by vigorous massaging after each injection by an experienced board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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Difference between Radiesse and Restylane

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Thank you for your question. Yes, Restylane and Radiesse are both fillers. However the placement of injection is different. For example, I inject Radiesse only in the cheeks for volume, nasolabial folds, corners of the mouth, and removing deep lines and folds. Restylane on the other hand, I like to inject in the lips (Radiesse is not meant for the lips). Restylane can also be injected in the cheeks for fullness/volume, and correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles. Hope this helped, best of luck!

Dhaval M. PatelĀ 
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Dhaval M. Patel, MD
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Basically restylane has less risk than Radiesse and hurts less

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Restylane is made out of hyaluronic acid and has much less risk (it is reversible if you don't like it). On the other hand, Radiesse is calcium based and can stay for years (especially if you don't like it!). We don't use Radiesse for that reason as well as the fact that it hurts quite a bit more than Restylane. Good luck!

Joel Schlessinger, MD
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Differences in Restylane & Radiesse

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There are several differences. Restylane and Juvederm are hyaluronic acids which are found naturally in our bodies in the dermis underneath the epidermis. It is a sugar-water molecule and is dissolved by our metabolism. These products are injected in many different areas of the face including the lips. Radiesse is calcium hydroxylapatite which is a naturally found precursor to bone formation in our bodies. It is not meant to be injected into the lips but is used for volume restoration of the face and smile folds. Both products may last up to 10 to 12 months or more.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Restylane and Radiesse are different

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Restylane is a soft colorless gel which goes away in about six months.

Radiesse is a soft white tooth paste like material which gets absorbed in about one year.

Neither needs a skin test. Restylane can be used in lips while Radiesse cannot be used in that area.


Tanveer Janjua, MD
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Restylane is Reversible. Radiesse is Not

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Hi Haley,

The main difference between different fillers is how they respond with your body. Radiesse is a substance similar to ground up bone. Juvederm and Restylane are smooth gels that are a normal skin substance.

We very much prefer Juvederm and Restylane to Radiesse because, while both can give you very nice results, Juvederm and Restylane can be quickly and easily dissolved. That way if there is any part of your treatment that is not perfect we can remove that part of the filler instantly. That makes these fillers much safer and overall you end up with better results because of the ability to make fine adjustments if needed.

Hope this helps.

Marc Cohen, MD
Philadelphia Oculoplastic Surgeon
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