No Results After Lipo on Love Handles and Mini Tummy Tuck

Hello, I had a liposuction on my love handles and a mini tummy liposuction 3 weeks ago. The doctor told me she removed 1.5 liters of fat. However, even though am careful on my food and train regularly at the gym, I don't see any difference, and seem to be the same as before the surgery. Doctor told me it's because am still swollen. But it feels like not enough was removed and I'll need another surgery. Is it really possible that it's because am swollen or will I need another surgery? Thanks.

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I do see a difference between your pre and postoperative photos, so please don't be completely discouraged.  You are also probably still swollen from the procedure.  I would give it more time.  You should follow your surgeon's recommendations, but I generally recommend my patients wear a compression garment for a while.  It helps bring the swelling down.  

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