What Precautions Are Advised Before Breast Augmentation for someone with a special diet?

Are there any special precautions to take before a breast augmentation surgery if on a very strict medical diet ( e.g. low salt, low fat, no starch etc)?

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Breast Augmentation for someone with a special diet

Each surgeon has his or her guidelines for preopative includes which includes recommended diet. Consult with your surgeon as he or she knows the scope of the surgery and the specifics about you.

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Breast Augmentation with a special diet

Often, patients who are truly vegetarian or vegans need protein supplements to help them heal postoperatively.  I find that, without dietary protein supplementation vegatarians/vegans heal more slowly.  Actually, the diet you prescribe sounds most healthy, indeed, and I always caution my patients to maintain a nutritiously healthy life-style, even without the prospect of surgery.  Certainly, with surgery in your future, this is of the utmost importance in terms of healing and a speedy recovery process. 


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Dietary concerns before breast surgery

The main concern before your breast surgery is that your nutritional status is conducive to  handling the stress of surgery, and adequate calories to heal the surgical wounds and handle to post-op situation.  Be sure that your surgeon is aware of your diet and restrictions, and all other medications, herbals, etc, that you may be on, as these may impact the surgical situation, but your list of restrictions dont strike me as negating your intended procedure.

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Diet before breast augmentation

It is important to have an adequate diet, (protein and calories), for any wound healing to occur.  The next thing, is there a medical reason that you are on this particular diet?  If so, this should be evaluated before surgery.  We also have a checklist of do's and don'ts in our office as to what to take or eat before surgery, (as many things may "thin" the blood and increase the potential for bleeding).  Please talk to your plastic surgeon about these issues as soon as possible so that you may have enough time to stop consuming anything that may be an impediment to your surgery.

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Diet and surgery

For any surgery you need to maintain a healthy balanced diet.  You need to avoid things that may thin your blood.  I also offer my patient pre and post op vitamins and herbs, such as arnica and bromelain although these are not mandatory.

David Nicholas Csikai, MD
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Strict medical diet before surgery

My first question is WHY are you on a strict medical diet.  If you have a specific medical condition that requires such a strict diet, then surgery should be evaluated in light of that condition.

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Breast augmentation and diet

There is no specific diet prior to breast augmentation surgery. I usually have my patients avoid any medication or food that may cause the blood to thin a bit.

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Diet in preparation for breast augmentation.

Based on what you have listed (low fat, low salt, no starch), I don't see any reason why you should be concerned.   Just make sure you get enough protein in your diet.   However, you should discuss your diet with your plastic surgeon prior to surgery. Best of Luck.  

Laurence Weider, MD
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Diet Prior To Breast Augmentation

With a breast augmentation, there is generally no need to alter one's  diet prior to surgery.  There certainly is no problem with your low salt, low fat, and low carb diet as long as you have a sufficient amount of protein in your diet.

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Preparing for breast augmentation

Your doctor will handle this question for you in the preop visit but basically, the key is to be well nourished, well rsted, have your life in order to minimize postop stress, and to avoid foods and medications which could enhance your ability to bleed.

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