When Can I Diet and Exercise, Lift Weights and Do Cardio After a Butt Fat Transfer?

Im 6 weeks out of getting a butt fat transfer and cant wait to get back in shape, Im gaining weight doing nothing at home and eating. I gain weight easy, before surgery I had to gain weight in order for the doctor to have fat for the surgery. Im always dieting and lifting weights so Im pretty lean when I do exercise. Its killing me and cant wait to get back in shape. When is it ok to get back to my lifestyle without messing with my results? Thankyou.

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Be Patient!

You have a beautiful shape!  Be patient. Hopefully the majority of your fat will survive.  Check with the surgeon who performed the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery for you and follow the instruction that they have given you. You will regret it if you do things too early and lose more fat!

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