Diet After Smartlipo and Fat Transfer?

I am getting smartlipo done to my lower abdomen and flanks, and having fat transferred to my breasts. However I feel that the diet information I've received is somewhat contradicting. I know most doctors recommend a high carb diet following a fat transfer (in order to help with fat storage) but I am terrified of gaining the weight back into my abdomen and flank area. What would be the ideal way to keep the weight off in my belly (dont come back!!) and keep some of the volume in my breasts?

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Fat transfer and diet

I think that the most important thing for you to do is eat a healthy well balanced diet.  Return to exercise when your doctor thinks it is appropriate.

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Maintaining Fat Stores after Fat Transfer

     In general, fat transfer results after the first 6 weeks tend to be permanent, and maintenance of a stable weight will assure that fat remains in the area of transfer and does not reaccumulate in the areas of harvest.  A well balanced diet is always recommended.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA 

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