Will breast implants improve my slightly sagging breasts without a lift or will I need a lift as well? (photos)

Will breast implants improve my slightly sagging breasts without a lift or will I need a lift as well? My chest lacks volume (I have lost alot of weight), and my breasts are far apart, deflated and a bit saggy from the front. But from the side, the nipple and areola are well above the crease. I have breastfed two kids(& done). I'm 5'4 and 128 pounds and my bra size is a small 34B (Breast width=13cm). I'd like to be a full C-D cup again. What kind of implants would suit me best?

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Your breasts...

...Are likely perky enough to avoid a lift.  It looks like your nipple rests above your breast fold.  That's usually a good marker for whether or not breasts need to be lifted.  You have deflated breasts, not saggy ones.  Filling them up alone will likely do the trick.  Avoid high profile implants because they sacrifice cleavage.

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Will breast implants improve my slightly sagging breasts without a lift or will I need a lift as well?

Based on the photo provided you seem to be a great candidate for breast augmentation without a lift. Typically the cup size will not be guaranteed. It is important to communicate your desired look during your consultation. Please seek an experienced Plastic Surgeon with several before and after photos. 

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Breast Augmentation

Hi InNeedofBoobs,
I believe your are really on the right track.  If your nipple-areolar area is above your crease you are in good shape to have a dual plane, or internal lift done through a breast fold incision.

Be sure to see only a board certified plastic surgeon (by ABPS - The American Board of Plastic Surgery) who is a member of ASAPS (The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and or a member of ASPS (The American Society of Plastic Surgeons). Also, ask if they have an established, high volume breast augmentation practice, performing several hundred breast augmentations each year. Be sure the PS has been in practice for a while, 20-years or more might be a good gauge.Does the PS offer all three incisions?Discuss the implant type (gel or saline), shaped "gummy bear" or non-shaped, smooth or textured, implant pocket (over or under the muscle) and the "quick recovery approach."Ask to see their before and after photos if you didn’t see any on their website. If they are experienced, they should have several 100 breast implant patients for you to view. I would also recommend that your doctor offer you the chance to talk to past patients who would be happy to discuss their experience with you. You need to feel comfortable, so make sure the environment is safe as in an accredited surgery center. Also, ask a prospective surgeon if he or she has ever published journal articles in professional peer-reviewed journals, which they can provide you.All the best, “Dr. Joe”

Will implants correct your slightly sagging breasts or do you need a lift as well?

Based on your photos, it appears as though you will get a nice result from implants without a lift.  I would choose a moderate plus profile to give you a full but natural looking result.  The cc amount would ultimately be up to you.  Make sure you consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area and ask to try on implants if possible.  Good luck!

Breast Augmentation and Lift

Greetings. You will get an improvement with breast implants.  For the specific details as to whether or not you need a lift and what type of implant is appropriate, a plastic surgery consultation with examination is definitely needed.  At that time, you can get an idea of what can be provided to realistically achieve your goals.  Good luck!

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Implants or Lift

Based on your photos a BA alone will address your needs. Consider a silicone gel with a high profile. That should get you  to where you want to go. Good luck and be well.

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Breast implants and breast lift

From your photos, it appears that breast implants alone would improve your slightly sagging breasts without a lift.  This can be best determined during a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Will breast implants improve my slightly sagging breasts without a lift or will I need a lift as well?

from the information you are posting I think a breast augmentation alone is likely all you need. I prefer to use silicone implants under the muscle and I do think you would be a good candidate for that choice

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Will breast implants improve my slightly sagging breasts without a lift or will I need a lift as well?

Implants alone will fill out your breast more, especially in the upper poles, but it will not really lift the breast any. In other words, the shape of the lower part of your breast will be fuller, but still shaped the same. If this is acceptable to you or if you are not sure you want a lift, it is fine to just have the augmentation now. Once the breast settle in 3 to 6 months, you can decide if you want to do a lift as a second surgery. While this does require two surgeries, it lets you see what your breast will look like with just the implants.

Breast augmentation without lift

Hello, you a very good patient for performing a breast augmentation (not lift), your photos show a pseudoptosis what's means that your nipple-areola complex is in the correct place or just a little lower than what is esthetically accepted. A personal evaluation will check the grade of flaccidity of your skin to select the plane of the implant.

Best wishes

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