Tummy Bulge 9 Months Post-Op DIEP Flap, Can I Fix Without Adding Mesh?

I have a tummy bulge on one side of my lower abdomen after my diep flap 9 months ago. It often tenses up like I'm having pregnancy contractions (not pregnant)My doctor confirmed it is not a hernia. Could it be possible to fix it without adding mesh? Is that recommended if I'm not in pain? Are crunches (ab exercises) ok to do?

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Tummy Bulge

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If you have a bulge after DIEP flap, you may require mesh repair of the abdominal wall.  Without examining you in person, it is impossible to give you specific advice.


Good Luck.

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Bulging can occur.  I place all of my patents in physical therapy for core strengthening.  Adjustments in diet to reduce bloating as well as wearing supportive clothing like spanks can be helpful  in the short term.

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