With DIEP Reconstruction, What Can I Expect in Terms of Regaining Strength and Range of Motion?

My yoga practice is very important to me and I want to make a choice that will enable me to get back to my full practice, if possible, and as soon as possible. With DIEP reconstruction, what can I expect re: regaining strength and range of motion (at donor site and upper body)?

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DIEP flap

The diep flap although may affect the muscle somewhat, it willstay intact.  AS for function of the msucle, it depends upon your anatomy and the dissection. Most patients do not have as much pain as the patients that undergo a pedicled TRAm or free TRAM.

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DIEP flap recovery

If you have a true muscle sparing DIEP free procedure to reconstruct your breast, I would recommend no heavy lifting or strenuous activity 5-6 weeks after your surgery.  After this period, we clear patients to resume activity as tolerated.  Since the muscle is preserved in your belly, you should be able to return to baseline activity and strength level gradually.  Everyone recovers differently and at different rates.  Remember you wil be deconditioned during the recovery phase, so you need to be patient with respect to how fast you can get back to your baseline strength level.  Hope this helps.

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DIEP reconstruction

If done correctly you should expect 50% return of strength and mobility within 6 months after the operation.

Best of luck from MIAMI DR. B

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Abdominal function after DIEP flap

A true diep flap procedure not only preserves all your abdominal muscle, but also the nerves that allow the muscle to work properly (motor nerves). Preserving the motor nerves is vital to maintaining full abdominal muscle strength and function long-term, as well as decreasing the risk of bulging (lower abdominal "pooching").

The majority of patients undergoing diep flap surgery have no problem returning to all the activities they were performing before the surgery, including yoga. You will need to take it easy though and get back to your activities gradually, starting at 4-6 weeks after the surgery. 

Hope that helps. Good Luck!

Dr C

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The best option would be DIEP

The DEIP flap is designed to harvest fat and skin from lower abdomen without the rectus muscle. You need to take easy for up to a month. You should get 905 of your strength in 2-3 month post surgery.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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