Diep Flap Surgery 4 Weeks Post Op - 6 Months of Chemo. Incision Opened Up?

I am packing my incision twice a day (3 inches long and 1/2 inch deep. How long do these take to heal? Can I shower with this open incision? I keep it clean, wash my hands prior to touching it but still worry about infection. Should I be flushing out the wound between packings? I also have another small section along the incision that looks like it is starting to pull apart. It is white too

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Delayed wound healing after DIEP flap

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I am sorry to hear of your wound healing problems.   It is hard to offer detailed recommendations without a picture of the wound.  

I would recommend close followup with your  plastic surgeon for recommendations on dressing changes and frequency, nutritional supplements to enhance wound healing, and whether further procedures or wound care center evaluation is necessary.


Bottomline, it will heal with time.  Hang in there and maintain close followup and be diligent in your wound care.  


Dr. Gill

Houston Plastic Surgeon
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DIEP flap, Wound, Complication

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First of all I am sorry you are dealing with this situation.  Not all wounds are credited equal.  If your blood counts have returned to norma, your nutrition is appropriate, don't smoke and don't have other medical problems that delay wound healing then this wound has the ability to heal.  You should see the DIEP surgeon who did your case for more guidance if you have the ability to do so.If not contacting a surgeon familiar with wound healing issues can be of help.

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