Why Didn't I See Results After Smartlipo? (photo)

Hello, I had smartlipo on my lower/upper abs and love handles on June 1st (without aspiration on my upper abs). I was very swollen the first week (probably because he had to inject a lot of fluid) & I only started seeing very slight results on my lower abs after 7 weeks. I am very disappointed because my body suffered & I invested a lot of money in vain. I'm wondering if it can still get better & if my surgeon would perform another procedure for free, but would that even do any more good?

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Why Didn't I See Results After Smartlipo

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Thank you for posting your pictures and submitting your question. Even at 7 weeks after liposuction , there will be swollen areas. External Ultrasound and lymphatic massage will help. Final results take 6-12 months. Revisions are performed in about 2-5% of liposuction patients.   Discuss your concerns with your Surgeon. Best wishes

Smart Lipo - effects

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For liposuction correction evaluation, I go back to your pinch test.  If you have reached your goal pinch then it is probably a weight gain issue and not really your surgeon's fault.  If your pinch test is still big then I default to my revision policy of my office and am happy to do a revisionary surgery.  When patients come in for their initial and preoperative visit I personally go over risks of the procedure and my revision policy.  Before deciding on a surgeon I recommend patients fully understand what would happen if something isn't perfect and how that is handled.  At 3 months I think it is fair to return to your surgeon's office and review your exam and your weight.  Best wishes!!

Minimal change after Smart Lipo without aspiration

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It sounds like only a minimal amount of fat was removed.  In general, most surgeons perform Smart Lipo in association with aspiration.  Even though he aspirated your lower abs and flanks, it seems like he was conservative in the amount he removed.  You will still improve a bit since there is some residual swelling still, but it is worth discussing your concerns with your surgeon.  You likely will need another procedure.

Lawrence Osman, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

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You did not have aspiration

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The results of any procedure depends on the surgeon more than the technique. The accepted laser lipo involves suction after laser treatments.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Why Didn't I See Results After Smartlipo?

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I'm so very sorry for your experience. You must understand that it is not the technology that has failed you but the surgeon! Very un experienced surgeons can not provide acceptable results. Seek in person second opinions. 

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