Didn't Take Isotretinoin Right After Meal. Should I Extend my Treatment?

I am currently on isotretinoin. My acne was not inflammatory, just lots of closed comedones so dr put me on a low dosage of 20mg for 10 months for a total dosage of 120mg/ kg. ( I weigh 50kg) My main worry is that for the first 2 months I took the pill 1 or even 2 hours after full meal and I've read it can decrease its absorption. Should I talk to my derm about extending my treatment for 2 more months to compensate my initial "mistake"?

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Taking isotretinoin with food

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Your derm should be evaluating you as you are going along anyway. Sometimes what we assume will be the course, will actually change as the patient takes the medication. Some people end up on shorter regimens, some longer, than the initial plan. The 10 months shouldn't have been set in stone by any means. So, discuss it with your doctor to determine if you do need more, or if you will be good on the original 10 month plan.

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