Why I Didn See Any Result After Liposuction? (photo)

Liposuction on arm, abs, love handle, thigh, upper back, lower back. 1 month and 1 week post op, but I see very little results. Sad and Disappointed...someone told me you see results after about three weeks and i haven't. my doctor used Body Jet. Why lack of results?


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Why I Didn See Any Result After Liposuction?

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3 weeks is still a bit early to see a final result even with the body jet liposuction. The photos he center not really comparable either enclosing nor in the pose, but does appear to me that there is change in the abdomen and flanks. Obviously I can't see the back and because of the difference in the photos I can't say anything about the arms.

Have some patience, and continue to followup with your surgeon, and expect continued improvement over the next several months.

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