I have an infection in the upper eyelid I had surgery a week ago, how long is it going take to heal? (photos)

As you can see from the pictures I'm having a very difficult recovery. I had surgery one week ago and I'm very depressed and hurt by my results, I had my post -op today to see my surgeon... and he didn't like the look of it either, he also said that I have a infection in my eyelid maybe it prolong the healing? My surgeon and and first thing he said was why was my eye so swelling all this time I'm thinking that this swelling was normal to have by it been so early in my healing but he thought and said different.So what I want to know is how long do I have to deal with the Swelling now that I have a infection. I need help! I'm getting very depressed about the outcome of the eyelid surgery.

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Swollen upper eyelid

First you need to relax.  While you are swollen on the left, for one week this could be considered normal, and your right eye is just healing more quickly.  It could also be that you have a suture reaction/infection from any buried sutures.  This should resolve quickly with some antibiotics.  It will not affect your final result, and you can see from the photos that except for the swelling it all looks good. 

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Blepharoplasty Swelling

Sorry to hear about your infection.  This can sometimes happen.  Usually with oral antibiotics it will clear quickly.  Sometimes I will add a few days of an oral steroid to hasten the swelling improvement, but only once the infection is improving.  I would suggest warm compresses, and following your surgeon's recommendations and following up with your surgeon as prescribed.  Rarely, slight swelling can take up to 6 months to resolve.  I would not be discouraged as I think it will heal quite well with time.

John R. Burroughs, MD
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Chalazion after surgery?

While most likely the difference between the 2 eyelids is simply a function of one healing more quickly than the other, the appearance of the eyelid is consistent with a chalazion.  This is not an infection, but is a result of a blockage of a gland in the eyelid that results in inflammation and swelling.  It will most likely resolve by itself, but if it doesn't, you should be seen by an ophthalmologist, or even better, and oculoplastic specialist. 

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Lid infections are quite rare

and your results certainly not anticipated.  Let your surgeon guide you through the healing process and stay on the lookout for infection.  If your lid remains low as it does, you will have to explore the potential reasons why that is happening.

Curtis Wong, MD
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I have an infection in the upper eyelid I had surgery a week ago, how long is it going take to heal?

Something going on... Best to seek IN PERSON opinions from eye docs. Not sure it is an infection... /

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Swelling and Infection After eyelid surgery

Findings like this can happen and will take time to resolve.  Keep close follow up with your surgeon and follow his or her recommendations.  He may recommend warm compresses, elevation, topical and or antibiotics by mouth.  This can take several weeks to even months to resolve.  Good Luck, 

Gaurav Bharti

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Postop infection

First, you're sure to help you with all these questions I really set out and lay out the course of action and expectations. You may have to deal this with this for a couple of weeks. First, the infection  needs to be resolved with either more antibiotics or changing the antibiotics. Any pus that needs to be drained should be drained. Then healing and resolution of the swelling should should occur. Surgical infections are  a known complication and it needs to be dealt with appropriately.

Blepharoplasty-unilateral swelling or infection?

Although minor variations are not uncommon it is unusual to see this much difference in swelling of the eyelids without there being a substantial cause. It is very likely that a minor infection occurred which increased the swelling on the left. It is important to stick with your surgeon for the recovery as he can suggest things such as massage, head elevation, warm compresses, and perhaps medication to hasten the resolution of the swelling. It may take several weeks to see the majority the swelling go but minor swelling for as much to 6 months may occur. Although uncertain at present it is possible that a minor revision may be necessary. Again, I encourage you to follow the instructions of your surgeon in whom you had the trust to do the initial procedure.

Richard O. Gregory, MD
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