Did you anyone go through a labia MAJORA not MINORA reduction? How was the recovery? How did the scar heal?

As there is hardly any posts and information about the recovery and healing of a labia majora reduction, I am wondering if any went through this and if so, can you inform me about the process. I am reducing my labia majora in some weeks with a very experienced surgeon but I am wondering how the recovery is. How well does the scar heal,-can it heal and become completely invisible? How many weeks does it take before wearing trousers and being able to dance etc? Thank you!

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Labia majora reductions

usually heal quite nicely and with minimal downtime.  The incision ideally is placed along the medial edge so you won't see any scars and your surgeon's compulsion for hemostasis will determine how much bruising and swelling you have.  The outcome is quite predictable and you need to protect your incision for at least 3 weeks.  If you are worried,  you should confirm with your surgeon where the incision will be placed and what restrictions you will have while you recover.

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Labia Majora Recovery Similar to Labia Minora Recovery

Generally, the time it takes for the outer labia (majora) to recover is similar to that of the inner labia (minora).  I usually recommend a few days off to rest and ice the area.  Avoid any pressure on the area for about 3-4 weeks and you can resume full activity 4-6 weeks after surgery.  Some of this will vary from patient to patient and of course how your surgeon performs the procedure can affect the recovery also.  Speak with your surgeon and review his specific post-operative recommendations.  Good luck!
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Labia majora reduction

The recovery and the scar depend on the surgeon doing the operation. I have published the method in multiple publications and textbooks. Usually, the recovery is very mild.

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Labia Majora Reduction Recovery and Healing

Labia Majora Reduction Recovery and Healing
If your surgeon is very experienced, they should have reviewed all of this information with you during your consultation and subsequent pre-operative visit. Please visit my website, noted below, for more information and the page on labiaplasty, which answers most of your questions. Allow 6 weeks for most of your healing.

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Labia surgery

Labia surgery is fairly routine it is a bit uncomfortable for a week or two but then improves. Good luck.

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